Blue and White Snowflake Bowl 2nd Place Oregon State Fair 2019
Blue and White Snowflake Bowl 2
Holly Plate
Framed Fused Glass Apple Tree
Wall Art Popsicles
Blue Clock
Abstract Platter
“Boat no Color” Reduction Linoprint 11″ x 13″ Framed $75.00
“King of Hearts” Reduction Linoprint 10 3/4″ x 12 3/4″ Framed $150.00
“Zeus” Reduction Linoprint 11″ x 13″ $75.00 Framed
“Amoeba” (Oil) Private Collection
White Fused Glass Clock Private Collection
“The Reds” (Oil) Sold as a set only $500.00
Set of 4 Coasters
Wall Art Popsicles
“Breathe 1″ Reduction Linoprint 12″ x 15” Matted and Framed $100.00
“Koi Fish Pond 4″ 6 3/4″ x 11” $200.00
“Koi Fish Pond 2” 8 1/8 “x 11 3/4” $600.00
Set of 4 Coasters in Box $25.00
Wine Bottle Clock
“Coasters” Platter
Grid Platter
“Little Birds”
Set of 4 Coasters
Set of 4 Coasters
Set of 4 Coasters
“Koi” Glass Casting
Set of 4 Coasters
Set of 4 Coasters
Set of 4 Coasters Made With Reclaimed Glass
“Amoeba” Oil Painting
“Red Raven” Reduction Linoprint 8″x10″ Matted and Framed $50.00

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