“Little Bird”

Blue ribbon Oregon State Fair 2018 and Best in Division


I first fell in love with glass in 1988 when I took an eight week evening class in stained glass from Cline Glass in Portland, Oregon. As my knowledge base and experience has increased over the years, my work has also evolved to reflect the new and interesting techniques I have learned.  Through experimentation, fabrication, and collaboration, I create pieces that reflect the special dynamic play of color, transparency, and refractional qualities that sets glass apart from other art mediums.
Many of my pieces are created with the intent to be not only be beautiful, but functional.  Each piece is made by hand, and frequently a “one of a kind.”  Due to the sometimes temperamental nature of glass based upon piece size, location in kiln, glass colors, temperature variances and fusing times, some pieces may be very difficult to replicate, and therefore each piece is unique. This, and the fact that glass seems to have in infinite diversity of color, texture and form, draws me.  My attention frequently gets diverted to other art mediums as they catch my eye, but I always seem to come back to the glass…


Reduction printing is a printmaking technique and an art form.  Multicolored prints are created with the use of a single block.  This block can be wood, linoleum, or one of the many fine carving blocks that have recently been made available to artists from fine art supply stores.  Through a series of progressive cuttings, inkings, and printings, images slowly emerge while the actual block is destroyed in the process.  (Once a series of prints are made, it is not possible to use the block to create more editions.)  From light to dark, colors are added to prints (or none at all other than black to create dramatic contrast) to create the final image.  I enjoy the visual impact that 2-3 colors produce in contrast to one another against white backgrounds.


My oil paintings, like my glass, often reflect vibrant bright colors and abstract designs.  I like to think of abstract painting as a form of poetry.  Instead of using words, sentences, and paragraphs, abstract artwork uses line, form, color, shape, and texture to express concept and intent.

My Art

My art is a reflection of my love of nature and the grace within the animal kingdom.  My pieces frequently reflect movement and flow, such as a wave on the ocean or the flight of a bird.  I use bold colors and simple color combinations to catch the eye and encourage appreciation for the dramatic contrasts between the elements and the natural beauty and grace of living creatures.


“Puzzle Plate”

Blue ribbon Oregon State Fair 2018

Get In Touch

I do my best to make myself available to all my clients and gallery owners.  I can arrange to sit with prospective customers and work on designs for custom pieces as well.   If you are interested in my art and have questions, please feel free to call, email, or complete the informational form in the “Contact” menu section.